5 Social Media Personality Types- Which One Are You?

5 Social Media Personality Types- Which One Are You?
5 Social Media Personality Types- Which One Are You?

What is your social media personality type?

So what is your social media personality type? Let us explore a few quirky behaviours that we have observed on social media and what they say about a person’s persona. And also let us find out who are you on social media based on the following 5 social media personality types:

1. The Exhibitionist

A person who changes their display pic every second day. Such behaviour usually screams of attention and the need for attention could be coming from the need to feel good perhaps after a tumultuous relationship. People like to compensate for the loss that they might be experiencing in their personal lives by putting up happy pictures of them living up their life. While there is no harm in posting your happy pictures but the frequency of change of display play pics denotes an upheaval in your personal life that needs serious repair than the change of display pics for the external world which might be too busy to compliment your picture every now and then!

2. The Ghoster

A person who goes underground by suddenly deleting their social media profile. This again is an extreme step that might span from some serious situation (such as divorce, job loss, grief, etc. ) in people’s lives. While whatever the situation one could be going through, surely deleting social media profile indicates the person does not want to be social anymore, and the intent is to disconnect from their friends. It’s conscious retreating into one’s own cocoon to cut off their network, possibly to avoid awkward questions about their life situation. Again my advice to such people is that sort your life situations and face the world around you. Disconnecting from people isn’t going to give you any respite from your circumstances and in today’s technology-driven world you will soon be out of the minds of people once you’re out of sight.

3. The Sympathy Junkie

The person who puts up volatile sentimental posts frequently on their timeline. Again this is a no-brainer that the person is silently screaming sympathy for a tough relationship conflict they might be going through. This is a situation best resolved with the person who is evoking such emotions inside of you, or within yourself (try meditation, yoga etc) or your innermost circle of family and friends than going public with your most intimate dark feelings with 500 people. Remember, your inner angst is best expressed in your diary and not on Facebook. If anything, it is only going to give your connections fodder for gossip and lead to a grapevine regarding your personal turmoil.

4. The Preacher

The person who posts motivational quotes every day on their status. While it’s good to share life wisdom, I would rather prefer that people practice the wisdom they preach to others via their WhatsApp status. Also, excessively idealistic messages on status updates barely leave people with any positive influence, and if that’s the intention, a better idea is to connect with people one-on-one and transmit your positivity. Such people have perhaps read a lot of self-help books, but again the true barometer of someone being an inspiration is that they’re able to apply the self-help fundamentals in their lives and change the course of their present and future. If that’s the change you wish to create for others, my recommendation is to start with the hardest hurdle, yourself first!

5. The Braggart

The person who boasts of their life drama such as anniversary gifts, birthday parties and vacations. There is certainly no harm in sharing snippets of your life with people you consider to be part of your circle but bombarding people with the so-called happening aspects of your life is again some sort of compensation phenomenon for what is missing in your life. Let’s face it, people only wish to project a positive glorious side of their lives and the reality could be starkly different from what we see on their timelines. It again boils down to the need for attention and the need to be a celebrity. Well, I’d say, if you really do need the attention, talk to your spouse, or your parents or your bestie and they should be able to confer you with all the love and attention when you do really need that. Such people must stop broadcasting private details of their lives as we really don’t care what watch or cell phone your hubby/ wifey gifted you on your birthday. If you are so touched by the gesture of affection, I’d rather that you be discreet and express your thanks and love in your bedroom than your timeline!



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