6 Reasons I love Goa-Why to Plan Your Next Goa Trip Post Lockdown (4 Mins Read)

There’s never before been a time that I have craved for a vacation more than now. The absence makes the hearts grow fonder. So perhaps my inability to travel amidst the ongoing pandemic and an already cancelled Goa Trip is the reason am yearning for a holiday all the more! However, that doesn’t take away the licence to drift into a fantasy of being on a hammock and sipping my favourite cocktail in a beach resort somewhere in Goa! Goa has always held a special charm for me, for countless reasons, but I can tell you that even after travelling over the world, I still can’t seem to get over Goa.

Here are my top 6 reasons why I love Goa and why you should plan your next Goa trip soon after the lockdown eases:

1) The leisurely vibe of South Goa

The drive from Dabolim airport all the way to South Goa feels like the road to relaxation. One can see traditional Portuguese homes with Goans lounging on their verandas outside. In Goa, time feels relative. Relatively slow to Mumbai! That people have stress free visages, cool air of nonchalance in their demeanour helps calm down the already pulsating hearts of frantic Mumbaikers like me. I make it a point to choose beach resorts in South Goa for a languid experience.

2) The beaches and sunset make a heady cocktail

Goa has a pristine coastline like no other state in India. And the beaches, almost all of them make for pretty sunsets. Be it the rocky Anjuna beach, or the sandy Colva, the quaint Bogmalo or serene Palolem. They all have the most exotic views of the sunset. And something unique to offer to every kind of traveller. Like Anjuna is famous for its weekly flea markets, best for shopaholics. Colva is known for beach sports, ideal for the adventurists. Palolem is a photographer’s delight with its mystic rocks and friendly dolphins. The yogis can seek their nirvana at Agonda. My most favourite is Bogmalo that has Joet’s bar and cafe famous for its karaoke nights. I have fond memories of chasing sunsets at all of them and sipping an evening cup of chai at local beach shacks. It’s my kind of bliss.


3) The clubbing scene has something for everyone

Goans are synonymous with dance and music, it’s in their DNA. If you haven’t yet hit the Silent Noise party at Palolem, well you’ve missed out one of the most innovative party concepts of tuning in to one’s favourite DJ live with headphones on and going noise-free. Talk about partying with an environmental conscience. Or Club Cubana that’s an exquisite bungalow replete with swimming pool, gazebos and bar, converted into the most happening club. Joet’s cafe at Bogmalo has spunky live performances that one can enjoy with their family. The Latin lovers have plenty of salsa socials they can dance away the night at. There’s never a season or reason to party in Goa!

4) Goan desserts are to die for

I used to believe Goa’s best sweet dish is Bebinca. Until a friendly (extra friendly!) local pointed out to be a variety of desserts that were laid down at the lunch buffet. Doss, Pinaca, Dodol, Baath and Bolinha are all diverse desserts made from the staple coconut and jaggery. Goa can be a foodie’s paradise. I encourage you to explore the local bakeries that sell homemade fresh desserts that you can pack for home. I invariably return with packs of bebinca and bolinhas to keep me satiated for the rest of the week!

5) Underrated shopping hub

I have collected some of my prettiest beach dresses and accessories from Goa. And never had to spend more than a thousand bucks for all of my shopping! Goa has a plethora of shopping places, but the best ones are the roadside stalls that are run by locals. You can find some good quality stuff on a shoestring budget. My best finds have been floral pure cotton dresses, beach slippers and shell jewellery.

6) Finest culinary experience

I happened to explore Sarah Todd’s Antares on my most recent visit to Goa. And it was one of the most innovative gourmet experience I ever had. Talk about cottage cheese with mango salsa! That Antares is located on a hilly vantage at the northernmost tip of Vagator was like a cherry on the cake as I immersed in a nearly poetic view of waves crashing against the black rocks of Vagator with gyrating music in the backdrop. Likewise, you have Mediterranean cafes along the Anjuna cliff that offer palatable snacks at reasonable prices.

I can still count more reasons, but the biggest reason for me has to be the sense of connection I derive from Goa. The palms against the sea make for a soothing silhouette. I feel inspired to explore my inner selves and discover a newer perspective each time I travel here. The charm and romanticism never fade. On every Goa trip, I discover newer beaches, food, shops and people. Ah, that reminds me that Goans wear their hearts on sleeves. I have had a DJ recognize me from amongst the crowd even 3 years later like it were just yesterday we met! I am certain that Goa Trip will be on my bucket list post lockdown. How about you? Are you planning your Goa Trip in the near future?

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Originally published at https://theeasywisdom.com on May 20, 2020.



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