COVID life lesson for the millennial generation to Flourish

Millennial, its time to brace up! To toughen up! This statement might shock you. But I’d like you to pause a moment and think of generations before ours. Our grandparents, the Traditionalists braved the time of “The Great Depression” and witnessed India’s Independence movement of the 1940s. They were a generation that espoused values of nationalism, hard work, survival with bare essential amenities, especially when the average family size was 5–9 children per home. Our parents, the Baby boomers saw wars, famines, droughts, rationing of food, and epidemics like Small Pox and Cholera. They placed a premium on job security, family stability, social service, and work-life balance. Baby boomers were by and large conservative in their outlook towards life. Millennial — we are perhaps the most privileged generation that grew up with surplus around us — food, medicine, clothing, and technology. Our worlds revolve around us. Although Millennials at work and personal life show extra resilience and live in a bit of a bubble ( maybe social media!). But there are golden gems for the millennial generation to imbibe simple life lessons from generations before ours in time of a pandemic like this, and set an example for the coming generations after millennial:

Tips for the Millennial Generation to Flourish

* Save for a rainy day. Life can turn upside down anytime, so have an emergency fund to sail you through

* Food is precious for us as Millennial Generation. Don’t overstock when you can’t consume. Eat what you already have in your stock than letting it go waste past its expiry date

* Have health insurance. You never know when you might need one! Or your family might need one. And you don’t want to dip into your savings in times of escalating healthcare costs

* Get a hold on your anxiety. Be resilient. Talk to your parents or grandparents. They have braved some of the harshest situations and come out with nerves of steel

* Home Sweet Home — used to be a popular adage on key holders once upon a time, a visual reminder of cozy comforts of our homes. Be accommodating to the needs of your family members. This phase should teach this millennial generation the importance of co-existence in times of compulsory home quarantine! Have faith, we as millennial shall tide past this. If anything, we shall come over stronger, braver, and kinder than ever before!

If there are life lessons that you have endured during this phase, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop in your comments below.

Originally published at on April 5, 2020.



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