Fag Hag: Why Should Gay Men Have A Woman Best Friend?

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6 min readJan 23, 2023

Free of sexual anxieties and mate-competitive behaviour, straight women and gay men are the most fantastic friends ever! Read on to learn about the proud relationship between fags and their hags!

Fag Hag-Why Should Gay Men Have A Woman Best Friend? The Easy Wisdom (www.TheEasyWisdom.com)

All gay men love to have at least one girl best friend, whom they call their “fag hag,” with whom they can hang out, dance, party, and share life. And why not? Nothing goes better with skinny jeans and a harness on a wild night out than a hot woman lurching behind a gay man in her Christian Louboutin heels. Yes, “fag hags” are a real deal!

All gay men, indeed, should have one woman as their best friend, whom they can proudly refer to as their “fag hag.” Also, all women should have at least one gay friend as their bestie; such a relationship can be the best a woman can find.

So what are “fag hags”?

What are fag hags?

“Fag hag” is a term used to describe women who are best friends with gay men. In other words, it is a proud relationship between “hags” and their “fags.”

Search the internet, and you will believe she is depressed, overweight, and unable to gel well with her husband or boyfriend. However, if you look closely, you will realize that it is not what defines “fag hags.” In fact, they are strong, progressive, and determined. These women are committed to their gay besties. They not only hide their gay friends’ sexuality but also help them overcome their daily life challenges related to their orientation. Plus, they are loyal and fashionable-a combination that every gay man swears by.

For gay men, she can be a cheerleader, a caregiver, a protector, a social support system, and a hot dance partner. For straight women, he is a fashionable friend who is dependable, a drama queen, and a gossip monger. He is someone who doesn’t expect more and has no vested sexual interest in her. And it makes such a relationship more meaningful and lasting.

The term “fag hag” was first coined in the 1970s to describe feminist women who aligned themselves with marginalized gay men in their fight for equality. It then evolved into a platonic or non-sexual relationship between heterosexual women and gay men.

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Even though many people thought this term was insulting, gay men loved the idea of having a woman as their best friend to hang out with.

Yes, all gay men have “fag hags,” and a “fag hag” relationship can be fun, fashionable, and classy!

"Maybe there is not going to be any sex or marriage, but there is going to be dancing."

Why should every gay man have a fag hag?

So, if you are a gay man, there are many reasons you should invest in having a fag hag who can be your favourite girl.

Fag Hag-Why Should Gay Men Have A Woman Best Friend? The Easy Wisdom (www.TheEasyWisdom.com)
Fag Hag-Why Should Gay Men Have A Woman Best Friend? The Easy Wisdom (www.TheEasyWisdom.com)

1. They are a great social support system

Having a wide range of friends, including those of different sexual orientations, can be helpful. It lets you learn about new things and see things from another point of view. Additionally, having a fag hag can also provide a gay man with a supportive and understanding friend who may be able to offer a unique perspective on certain issues. These women can be a great source of social support during bad times or times of despair.

But this is not it. There are other reasons to have fag hags too!

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2. They help you mask your identity

Not all gay men are open about their sexuality with their family and friends. Having a woman as their best friend saves them a lot of questions. Fag hags frequently serve as beards for these gay men. Being seen with them shields them from homophobic remarks or unwanted questions about their sexuality.

3. They are a great fashion accessory

Many women are drawn to gay men because straight men keep failing them. But with gay men, they are no longer taken for granted. Gay men are fashionable, and these men become their accessories. For gay men, too, fag hags are great fashion accessories that are as indispensable as their Andrew Christians or AussieBums.

As a matter of fact, every gay guy is judged by the kind of fag hags he hangs out with. And if she is fashionable, trendy, and hot, you are in demand.

So, fag hags are not just your girl best friend; they are your social reputation and your partners in crime. And therefore, you have to hold them tight.

4. They are against homophobia

For many gay men, it is not so much about whether having fag hags is fashionable but more about whether they stand for the same things as they do. Fag hags, or women best friends, are against homophobia. They are straight women who support homosexuals. They are the new generation of women who love gay men and have learned to coexist with them.

5. They are fun

All gay men love having fun, watching hot men, and being part of the drama. And what could be better than having a female friend who can double this fun? Yes, fag hags are a delight to hang out with! They are the best dance partners; nothing can be better than leching at those hot men together.

Free of sexual tensions and partner-competitive behaviour, straight women and gay men are indeed the greatest friends ever!

While many people may feel the term “fag hag” is a taunt, others see it as a term that can be applied lovingly. So, choose the best meaning of the term and find a fag hag to dance your life with.

Why should every straight woman have a gay best friend?

Gay men are often the best friends a woman can find. Films, novels, and web series — not to forget real life — are rampant with examples of deep and close friendships between gay men and straight women. But why is this so?

  1. With gay men, women may feel safe and understood. They know they are not being targeted or wooed, or there is some deceptive mating motivation. Even better is the fact that these women and gay men are not competing for the same set of men.
  2. Gay men are pretty much comfortable with their effeminate side as opposed to those straight macho men. It makes it easier for women to connect with them on many more levels. And you won’t be judged for hanging out with gay men as you would be in the case of straight men.
  3. You can be out loud with gay men. You can be yourself and share your fantasies, experiences, and naughty thoughts without fearing being judged.
  4. Having a gay best friend, regardless of whether you are married or single, is also an in-thing. So, if you have a gay bestie, you are part of the cool gang.
  5. Having a gay best friend can be fun. Gay men are full of drama and gossip, which can make your life pretty much happening. Plus, gay men have an impeccable knack for fashion, and becoming a fag hag can help you level up your fashion game too.

So, if you are a woman and not part of such a relationship with a gay man, you are missing something meaningful and want to seek one out for yourself.

Have you experienced such an excellent relationship between fags and their hags? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, check our YouTube channel for life-inspiring, crisp, and short videos.

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