Held hostage by the Pandemic? 10 Tips on Stress Management for Students! (5 Mins Read)

The black swan event of corona virus, has almost created a ‘hostage-like’ situation for students. This change has clearly affected students community as a whole, causing in them immense stress, anxiety and the fear of unknown. Read on to know tips on managing your obvious stress and paving way for productivity to seep in while treating the time of new normal as a life time opportunity to learn, adapt and embrace the inevitable change.

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With educational institutions being closed till no further notice in India and abroad, it is no news that students are one of the most affected strata of our society. The ambiguity of their future is the foremost cause of stress and anxiety amongst the college goers. Most of the students are concerned about their exams and the way forward. The stress of students whether school goers, graduates or undergraduates during the pandemic is eminent due to a seismic shift in the way education is delivered, coupled with dire economic opportunities for final year students due for placements. However, no matter how grave the concerns are and how the future reveals itself, stress management for students being held hostage at home due to COVID-19 is essential to carve the way for a healthy, optimistic and productive mind.

The students who were excited to begin their college life after their board exams, the college goers who are locked at home and now missing out on happening campus life, the students studying in foreign universities and being forced to return to online mode of education and even being sent back to their respective countries, the students who are appearing in competitive examinations like IIT/JEE & UPSC Exams and even school students who are still adjusting to online mode of education are all impacted in way which has caused tremendous dent in their minds regardless of the phase of their student journey they are in.

The existing circumstances have challenged the centuries old institution of traditional classroom teaching. In such a scenario it is important for the students to stay productive while learning from home and following certain important tips on stress management for students. The stress of college students is imminent, but the best part is it can be easily dealt with.

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10 Tips on Stress Management for Students to help them stay Productive

You all have ample time at your disposal during the times of quarantine and social distancing. So rather than finding an excuse for not studying and wasting your time in lazing around, find ways to stay productive and beat the stress. Here are few tips on stress management for students which students should strive for while coping with the challenges in the times of the new-normal.

1. Take it easy boys and girls!

Be kind to yourself and take it easy and always remember “this shall too pass”. Do not over stress and stay away from negative news. Normalcy will restore and pave way for brighter things in life. Engage yourself in things you enjoy like dancing, singing, playing musical instruments and even creating YouTube channel. Connect with loved ones like family and friends on call or social media and enjoy the new experience of staying at home. If you feel extreme loneliness, anxiety and stress, do not hesitate in reaching our for help from parents foremost, family, friends or even your teachers or mentors. Seek advice of elders and communicate openly. Take good advantage of online counselling sessions introduced by your school. Always remember, the key lies in staying positive and optimistic.

2. Set a routine or time table

To ensure that your day is utilised productively, set a routine for yourself while giving time for academics, recreational activities, personal time and family time. Follow a time table and stay focussed.

3. Be agile and make most of E-Learning

As the educational institutes are already geared up with the future of education, keep yourself agile and updated with new innovations and trends in education delivery. Enjoy the immense benefits offered by online learning like rich content from all across the world at the comfort of home, and mentorship from people who would otherwise wouldn’t have mentored you face to face. Learn to get most out of google classroom or blackboard collaborate and hone your digital skill for future.

It is important to understand that online education ensures that your learning does not stop. You have now the luxury to enjoy the comforts of home. You can choose your own slots for study to help increasing the absorption.

4. Learn new skills!

Enrol yourself for new courses in the fields that interest you. Also learn some technical skills to upskill yourself and focus to prepare for your career. Aim to secure certifications which may play vital role in uplifting your professional credentials and give an edge over others. For example learning basic digital marketing skills, or photo editing skills or even writing for blogs will help stimulate your intellectual capabilities and keep it off from rusting.

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5. Exchange Knowledge with family & friends

Learn new things, read newspaper and foster informative conversation with family and friends and exchange knowledge. This will keep you updated, and keep your mind active.

6. Believe in the power of Mentorship

Never underestimate the power of mentorship especially during such uncertain times when students are held hostages at home. Make use of technology tools like zoom, WhatsApp calls, facetime to keep in touch with your mentor or Guru (they may be teachers, your role models, career counsellors, or even someone outside your academic purview.) Interact with them regularly while sharing your concerns, taking their advice and feedback and asking them questions from time to time. This will help your keep a tap on your pulse and keep you focused in right direction.

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7. Show your creative side and look beyond your curriculum

It good to show your creative abilities and contribute to the cause of fight against the pandemic in whatever manner you can. Fashion students are creating and developing innovative designs of masks, shields while technology students are busy designing robots, AI and other prototypes to help revolutionise the way technology is meeting the challenges posed by the pandemic. It is important to think how you can contribute and utilise your free time for the betterment of the society. Take part in online competitions, or make DIY kits at home & discover your creative side. Indulging in painting, gardening, or making infographic videos for example will help you discover your creative side. Look beyond your curriculum in pursuit of your overall development.

8. Practise Mindfulness

Practise mindfulness, and try to stay in the moment rather than worrying about what future brings to you. Also avoid multitasking and stay present in the moment. If you are with family, get off your mobile. If you are eating food, focus on food and do not watch TV. If you are practising maths, get off your ear pods. The idea is to stay attentive and give your best to whatever activity you are doing at that moment.

9. Have conscious positive thinking

The thinking you possess affects your behaviour. If you have negative thoughts, get away with them and consciously choose positive thoughts (for e.g. I am healthy and I will stay healthy by practising good hygiene and safety protocols). Repeat this statement several times a day. This will help your make your perception of things positive and more optimistic.

10. Have a healthy lifestyle

Eat nutritious food on time, sleep and get up on time, indulge in things which make you happy and avoid negative news. Manage your online time and off line time and cut off from too much of social media. Do not mix online and offline activities. Stay active by indulging in regular fitness activity like home workouts, stretching, yoga and even short jogs. Thrive to live a healthy lifestyle and keep stress & anxiety at bay and stay productive.

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After all treat lockdown as your gift. Utilise this time to reflect, sit back and relax while focussing on pursuing your hobbies and recast your life. Always remember the time lost will never come back. Treat this as a lifetime opportunity and learn to adapt and embrace the change!

Food for Thought Stress of Children and Students who form the bottom of the pyramid

The impact is more hazardous and traumatising for children and students coming from poor families in both rural and urban areas as they are not only cut off from learning process due to lack of digital infrastructure but also deprived of mid-day meal schemes. The impact of closure of academic institutions on marginalised section of society is devastating as compared to students coming from middle and rich class. The debate is mostly revolving around pros and cons of online education but how about those coming from a poor strata of our society?Also there is a very little thought about how the rural schools are expected to cope-up with migrant workers and their families who have returned from tier-I cities due to the pandemic. (Also Read: The Horrid Story of Invisible Migrant Workers of India & The Way Forward ). The educational institutions in rural area are not even showing any concern about mental and emotional wellbeing of children for whom the trauma of painful reverse migration is fresh coupled with sad experience of malnutrition and hunger. Such section of society are almost invisible in the process of addressing the new challenges as posed by the pandemic by the educational institutions. How to deal with students coming from such socio-economic background? Their stress is of much higher magnitude but to no avail. Do you have any tips on stress management for students coming from poor and marginalised section of our society? If yes, please leave in your comments.


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