Understanding Health and Wellness through mind, body, and soul

By Priyanka Kumar

The rigmarole of daily life may at times feel like mundane drudgeries, like running on the treadmill with all your might and still having no destination to reach to. Life comes with its fair share of stress and trials. Yes, those moments can be frustrating and we need to cool off steam, almost every day!

To start with, taking care of yourself should be right up on your priority list — and I mean the whole package of your physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social, and financial health which are the embodiment of health and wellness. Many of us may like to believe that well-being is an end state we will reach someday, well the secret is that health and wellness is something we have to be intentional about and practice like a daily goal! So let’s simplify the mystery around health and wellness and look at simple steps you could take in your everyday lives to regain your mojo:

Principles to Rejuvenate your Health and Wellness

  • Reignite a hobby or passion from your childhood — As we transition into adulthood, we often neglect and forego our creative pursuits. Remember, these hobbies were your spring of joy in your growing up years. There is no perfect time than now to revive your hobbies. Paint, sketch, dance, write, play, or knit. The creative satisfaction you will derive will far outweigh the stress. In fact, I would encourage you to set aside dedicated time to pursue multiple interests as a strategy for constant fulfillment. Don’t park them for your retirement!
  • Reconnect with your family and friends — They were and will always be your support system. But through the daily grind, we just miss seeing them as a source of joy and affection. They could lend you empathy and help you see an alternate perspective. Reach out to them, unapologetic-ally!
  • Reinvent yourself — Professionally. Your career is always your best bet to invest in. So go branch out to all areas of your chosen profession, take up courses/workshops that will help your professional development, participate in conferences/ seminars, connect with your peers in the industry, mentor aspiring students, or pen professional blogs. This is especially meaningful for some of us who thrive on knowledge capital and associated intellectual stimulation.
  • Get out of your comfort zone — By that I mean challenge yourself by signing up for something that was sort of unthinkable for you, yet ignites your fire! Experiences are the new currency of personal wealth. If that means learning a foreign language, taking a solo travel trip, participating in a dance fest, publishing a book, or joining a Toastmasters club, just do it. You will be surprised by the sense of achievement you will derive from this. Remember, whatever you sign up for has to have some form of cognitive, motor, physical, or intellectual challenge. You can be sure to get the adrenaline rushing every time you tick off items from your bucket list of things you have wanted to do!
  • Indulge in your guilty pleasure — Once in a while! The human brain works on the principle of hedonism. Take that much-awaited trip you have been saving for, the piece of jewelry you 've been waiting to shop, indulge in your comfort food or book an appointment for a spa! Remember, nothing is above your own happiness and its time you make it your raison d’etre!
  • Plan your Financial well-being — You will be amazed how secure it will make you feel! Be it Provident funds or Pension plans, begin working on your social security post-retirement. The shelf life of corporate jobs is limited, so have a plan to take care of your needs in your golden years!
  • Emphasis on physical fitness — It is simple, a lot of our self-worth is attached to how we look and feel within. You could follow your favorite nutritionist or sign up for a dance class or simply play your sport. It isn’t only about the number on the scale, it’s as much about vitality and I mean staying disease-free. Nourish your body with the right nutrition and rest. The underline is that stay invested in your health. And pay off you will get will be for you to enjoy till your last breath on the planet!
  • Be mindful — How many times are you guilty of multitasking, like talking on the phone while driving or scrolling through social media while eating? Ironically, multitasking is a hailed attributed in modern life. The fact is the human brain has limited capacity to focus and by converging on dual jobs, you could be putting a lot of cognitive load on it, which leads to subpar outcomes. Instead, immerse yourself totally into what you’re doing at the moment and experience the “flow”!
  • Build a community for yourself — We humans are social animals and derive our sense of belonging by building supporting networks around us. Opt for the community of like-minded people — be it a biking group, dancing studio, women’s network, or a yoga club at your office. The group members will likely have a unified goal and that makes it easier to build bonds. They will be your family away from family.
  • Reconnect with yourself — In a world full of external stimulation, make that precious time to connect with your inner self. It could be your morning cup of tea in the sunlight or your evening walk at dusk or relaxing aromatherapy or a coffee in solitude at your favorite cafe. Set aside a few minutes for a practice that lets you touch-point with your innermost self and draw from your inner energy. In-fact the most critical element in your wellness is the conversation you have with yourself — The story you tell yourself every day can make you feel better off or worse than ever! Be intentional about staying positive and re-frame situations to see the glass half full than half empty. There is almost always a silver lining in every dark cloud. Your narrative to yourself if the first and last factor in how well you feel each day. You have the power to elevate that narrative!

Finally, health and wellness are about being in a happy contented state of being. And therefore, it could be very personal for each one of us. Wellbeing as a concept is multi-dimensional. You could be someone who relies on spirituality or volunteering to achieve a state of nirvana, feel free to explore your own strategies for health and wellness.

Go after your own joy, every day, without fail!

Originally published at https://theeasywisdom.com on March 31, 2020.



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